The Bravado is a shallow body jumbo that maintains excellent string-to-string balance while incorporating the powerful bass and richness typically associated with larger bodied guitars. Measuring just over 16” across the lower bout, the Bravado is a conservative jumbo with a completely different approach to bracing the top. With its slightly longer scale, this model is equally suited to flat picking and finger style guitar playing, as well as vocal accompaniment. The Bravado produces the trademark rich bass, snappy mids, and definitive trebles of the Tippin sound while providing excellent headroom.

Bravado 12

The Bravado 12 string has all of the same characteristics as the Bravado with the exception of a deeper body which aids in boosting the bass, and mellows the harshness of the trebles. The wider string spacing at the saddle gives the finger style player more comfort.


The Crescendo is the flagship model of the Tippin line. Slightly larger than a 00012 in size, the Crescendo is suited to all playing styles. This model blends the playability of the 14 fret OMT with the rich tone associated with the 00012 fret body size. The Crescendo boasts rich bass, snappy mids, and definitive trebles, all combining to create excellent balance and projection.


For those who prefer the traditional OM, our 14 fret OMT is a great choice for the finger picking style of playing and studio recording. This guitar has a traditional 25.4” scale and a slightly deeper body, allowing for more versatile styles of playing. The OMT gives you all of the well balanced qualities of the OM, but with a richer fullness of tone.


Big things come in little packages. As a small body guitar with lines that echo those of the Crescendo, the Staccato has a surprisingly rich tone with exceptional volume. The tone is well-balanced, with the singing qualities of a fine parlor guitar and a superb bass response. The Staccato fits any size frame – whether playing finger style, blues, open-tunings, or just relaxing with it in your home singing, this model will please your sonic palette.

The Forte

My new Model is called The Forte, it is something I wanted to do for my own guitar. I took the Crescendo and increased the richness of the tone by widening the lower bout slightly with out changing the balance that is so good in the Crescendo. It is about 3/16” wider at the widest point, (not much) but it worked, to the point that I was asked by many people to put it on the market as a new model.