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The Bravado 12 string has all of the same characteristics as the Bravado with the exception of a deeper body which aids in boosting the bass, and mellows the harshness of the trebles.  The wider string spacing at the saddle gives the finger style player more comfort.


Scale length – 25  ½”
Nut width – 1  7/8” (custom nut widths available)
Lower bout – 16  3/16”
String spacing at saddle – 2  3/8”
Body length – 20  13/16”
Body depth – 4  11/16”

“The best twelve string I’ve ever played,” – Mike Desmarias

“This is a really nice Guitar, rich and strong,” – Bill Gleason

“I don’t mean any offense by this, but I didn’t expect it to be this good,” – Aaron Green